A 26-year-old phlebotomist who lives in Grand Rapids, MI. His interests include movies, linguistics, philosophy, religion & spirituality, comedy, and sexuality.

Part confession, part encouragement

Writing is one of the most important things in my life. Using it as a creative outlet has kept me alive through some of my darkest moments. Now, in my adulthood, groceries need to be bought and bills need to be paid. Between a full-time job which keeps me fed…

Difficult to Talk About, Harder To Explain

A lot of times, “suicidality” doesn’t mean planning out how you’d do it. It doesn’t mean having a note written, or gathering supplies, or dispersing valuables amongst your loved ones. It can be as quick as a fleeting thought while waiting for the light to turn green. …

But I’ll Be Okay

John Oliver exploding 2020 (credit: screengrab from Last Week Tonight)

I know I’m not alone in this. 2020 was a preposterously bad year for almost everyone who wasn’t already a billionaire. Obviously, an unprecedented global pandemic soured the year pretty early on, but beyond that, it felt like something was cosmically incorrect with this year. I fell off hard with…

How Contentedness Can Ruin Your Life

Image from SteveLuker on Getty Images

Most of us were raised to believe that contentedness is virtuous. Gratefulness is one of the most valuable virtues; there is a slight distinction, however, between contentedness and gratefulness. The latter is indisputably important, while the former can easily turn into complacency. One can be grateful, while not yet content…

The Most Fun I’ll Ever Have Almost Breaking My Brain (And The Lessons I Learned Doing So)

(Painting: Journey of the Wounded Healer Panel II by Alex Grey)

As any experienced delinquent will tell you, probation is not very much fun. Urinalysis is ultimately only effective for detecting THC use, and that was, and still is, my personal drug of choice. Monthly or even biweekly urine tests aren’t a reliable way of detecting a regular use of alcohol…

The Importance of Their Distinction

(Image from mrwriteon on wordpress.com)

When asked “What is the difference between discipline and punishment?” by my therapist for the first time, my knee jerk reaction was to joke it off, and I replied “I don’t know, spelling?”. Internally, I hated that I didn’t have an actual answer. I was aware there was, or should…

How Christians Have Undermined Their Own Religion

Credit: Image by Les Bohlen from Pixabay

First things first: I should point out that while I personally DO believe in the divinity and resurrection of Christ, I have a difficult time classifying myself to the satisfaction of most Christians. I am more skeptical of the Bible than most, because I understand the contortions that emperors and…

Alexander Wilson

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