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A 26-year-old phlebotomist who lives in Grand Rapids, MI. His interests include movies, linguistics, philosophy, religion & spirituality, comedy, and sexuality.

Medical malpractice and societal stigma

Difficult to Talk About, Harder To Explain

Photo Credit: Brett Sayles on

But I’ll Be Okay

John Oliver exploding 2020 (credit: screengrab from Last Week Tonight)

Spreading the Spectrum of Morality Like a Pair of Beautiful Legs

How Contentedness Can Ruin Your Life

Image from SteveLuker on Getty Images

The Most Fun I’ll Ever Have Almost Breaking My Brain (And The Lessons I Learned Doing So)

(Painting: Journey of the Wounded Healer Panel II by Alex Grey)

The Importance of Their Distinction

(Image from mrwriteon on

How Christians Have Undermined Their Own Religion

Credit: Image by Les Bohlen from Pixabay

How fornication and LSD brought an atheist back to faith.

Alexander Wilson

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